Blog 2

1. What is a Content Management System (CMS)? Describe the main characteristics of a CMS. Why might you use a CMS?

A Content Management System is a system to aid in the collection, management and publishing of content. CMSs can be implemented with simple interfaces to allow individuals with little or no coding experience create sophisticated functionalities. These CMSs are used to great effect in the creation of websites.

2. List 5 well know CMSs.






3. What is an open source CMS? Describe the main characteristics of an open source CMS.

An open source CMS is free to use and publicly available to anyone. As its name might suggest, its source code is open for anyone to see.

4. Describe the pros and cons of the following approaches to web development

Manual creation (in HTML)

Manually creating websites using your own code can be a long and oftentimes difficult task. It requires the creator to have significant knowledge and experience at coding. Despite this, many web developers, myself included, prefer to use their own code as it provides maximum flexibility and absolute understanding of the code should any modifications need to be made.

Commercial CMS

Commercial CMSs are generally very well made and powerful while also being supported by dedicated teams of tech support. Unfortunately this also means that they can be quite expensive to use.

Open source CMS

Open source CMSs are free to use and since the source code is openly available there is often a large variety of mods and add-ons created by the community. The large development community can also be something of a hindrance in some cases as it means there would not be any dedicated tech support for such a wide variety of potential problems that could arise.

Free CMS

Free CMSs are obviously free to use and require no prior experience but also provide the least flexibility of these 4 options.

5. What are the differences between Drupal and Google Sites?

All Google sites are hosted entirely on Googles and are designed for users that have no prior knowledge of coding. While this does make creating a site quick and generally easy it also means that there are fewer ways of customising the site as opposed to Drupal.

6. What are the differences between Drupal and Joomla?

Functionally Drupal and Joomla are quite similar. Although Drupal is more powerful and has more options more customisation it is also more difficult for those without experience to use.

7. What are the differences between Drupal and Plone?

Drupal primarily utilises PHP whereas Plone uses Python. Plone is a more advanced system and requires the user to have more extensive knowledge of some functions to get the most out of the system. Plone also requires a significant amount of configuration before a site is created.

8. Find examples of 5 sites made using Drupal?

The Economist –

Harvard University –


The White House –

Amnesty International –

9. Design a web site

Being that the website I designed is centered around video games and related news the target audience would not be any particular gender. According to, from 2006 to now the gender percentage of gamers has been around 60% male and 40% female although it has moved closer to 50/50 in recent years so I tried to make sure that the site didn’t have any design aspects that focused on a particular gender..

Gender statistics

Video games are generally enjoyed by and incredibly large demographic regardless of age and socio-economic backgrounds. As the majority of non-casual gamers are in their teens or 20’s the site was designed in a way that would not come across as particularly formal. It also contributed to my decision to add a news section dedicated to video game news.

10. Create a Google site


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