Blog 6

1. What is the purpose of security permissions in a CMS? What are the various permission options provided in Drupal?

The purpose of security permissions is to control which users are capable of performing certain actions on the site. Drupal allows administrators to control who can publish, edit and delete content, who can view certain content and who cannot.

2. What is a “theme” in Drupal? How do themes make designing web sites easier?

A theme is a design used in Drupal to determine how each page will appear in terms of colour schemes and general structure. Themes make designing and creating sites quicker by allowing users to change elements of multiple pages through one interface.

3. What are “blocks” in Drupal? How do blocks make designing web sites easier?

Blocks are what Drupal uses to hold the content on sites. They are essentially containers to allow users to separate and reposition content without resorting to manipulating CSS files or other codes.

4. What is a Google Ajax Wizard? How can Google Ajax Wizards make adding content to a web site easier?

The Google Ajax Wizard is used to pull information from third party servers and apply it to a site without the administrator actively performing any tasks. This is best used to update information such as news sections.


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