Blog 8

1. Describe what Google Analytics is, the functionality it provides, and how it might be useful when designing/maintaining a web site.

Google Analytics keeps track of traffic on your website, whether it is increasing or decreasing, and can inform you where people are visiting your site from, including referrals from other sites and even geographic information. This can be incredibly useful for designing and maintaining sites as it gives the developers a greater understanding of how best to tailor the site to its users and even informs them of other groups that may benefit from a partnership.

2. What is the purpose of the “Admin” module in Drupal? Describe the various features offered by Drupal’s Admin module.

The Admin module of Drupal is what allows someone to modify and configure the entire site. The module simplifies the already existing administration functions and attempts to make them faster and easier to use.

3. Undertake the following tasks for your Drupal web site assignment:

a. Establish a Google Analytics account and configure it to work with your Drupal web site; and

b. Add the Admin module to your Drupal web site.

Could not add the Admin module due to the functionality of Drupal Gardens.


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